Trobairitz Music and Storytelling

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A Selection of Stories Available

Stories for Adults & Children 9 and older

  • Sir Orfeo (Medieval)
  • The Faithful Wife (Medieval)
  • Buried Moon (Northern England)
  • The Pottle of Brains (English)
  • Lady Pengerswick's Harp (Cornish)
  • The Harper's Gratuity (Welsh)
  • Thomas the Rhymer (Scottish)
  • The Selkie Wife (Scottish)
  • The Man Who Had No Stories (Irish)
  • Brian Boru's Stand Against the Vikings (Historical Stories)
  • The Life and Work of St. Patrick (Historical Stories)
  • The Life and Work of the 17cent. Harpers, like O'Carolan (Historical Stories)
  • The Role of the Harp in Cultures Through History (Historical Stories)
  • Odysseus and the Sirens (Greek Mythology)
  • How the Mystic Harp Saved Moy (Scotland)
  • The Harper's Journey (Wales)
  • Pennard's Castle (Wales)
  • Rys at the Fairy Dance (Ireland)
  • How the Devil Invented the Violin (Hungarian)
  • The Tsaritsa Harpist (Russian)
  • The Snow Maiden (Russian)
  • Sadko the Minstrel (Russian)
  • The Squire (Isaac Beshevis Singer) (Hanukkah)
  • Reini and the Elf (Christmas)
  • The Apple Man (Christmas)
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus, Tells Her Story (Christmas)
  • Spiderwoman and Man Eagle (North American Native Tales)
  • Coyote Tales (North American Native Tales)

Interactive Stories for Children 4 to 10

  • Anansi the Drummer (African)
  • The Gingerbread Man (with puppets) (English)
  • !Canta Saquito, Canta!  (The Singing Sack) (Puerto Rico, Spain)
  • Sleeping Beauty (singing game/drama) (France, Germany)
  • Stone Soup (participatory play) (England)
  • The Three Little Pigs (with puppets) (England)
  • The Little Red Hen (with puppets) (America)

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