Trobairitz Music and Storytelling

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A Selection of Stories for Schools


  • Sir Orfeo
  • The Faithful Wife
  • St. Brigit of Kildare

Celtic and British

  • Buried Moon - England
  • The Pottle of Brains - England
  • Lady Pengerswick’s Harp - Welsh
  • The Harper’s Gratuity -Irish
  • Thomas the Rhymer - Scottish
  • The Selkie Wife - Scottish
  • The Man Who Had No Stories - Ireland
  • The Gingerbread Man - England
  • Stone Soup – England
  • How the Mystic Harp Saved Moy (Scotland)
  • The Harper's Journey (Wales)
  • Pennard's Castle (Wales)
  • Rys at the Fairy Dance (Ireland)

Greek Mythology

  • Orpheus & Euridice
  • Odysseus and the Sirens

Hungarian, Gypsy

  • How the Devil Invented the Violin


  • The Tsarita Harpist
  • The Snow Maiden
  • Sadko the Minstrel


  • The Squire


  • Reini and the Elf
  • The Apple Man
  • Winter and Bride
  • The Origin of the Christmas Tree
  • St. Nicholas stories
  • The Christmas Ghosts
  • True Life Stories from World War II
  • Mary’s Story
  • The Nativity


  • St. Brigit of Kildare
  • Mary’s Story

North American Native Tales

  • Spiderwoman and Man Eagle
  • Coyote Tales


  • Anansi the Drummer

West Indian

  • The Singing Sack (Canta, Squito, Canta)

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