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Trobairitz Children Programs

Travel with the Troubadours

Enter the world of chivalry through storytelling and music. Travel with the heroes as they set out to rescue their loved ones and prove that the song is mightier than the sword. As the stories unfold to the accompaniment of medieval dances and courtly airs you will find yourself transported to another realm.

Sailors, Selkies and Sirens

These stories of magical water beings are universal. Learn about the shape shifters and spirits that dwell in the watery depths. Follow the adventures of those that encounter them.

Fairies and Giants

The harp is the instrument of the fairies, but also the chosen instrument of T.V’s “Friendly Giant”. Learn about fairy harps and magical encounters between harpers and the fairy folk. Follow the adventures of a musical giant in search of romance.

Island Tricksters

These interactive Caribbean songs and stories feature lively calypso music. Chuckle at the antics of Anansi the Spider and find out how trickery rescues a girl who has been kidnapped by an evil character.

Winter Magic

These songs and stories tell of magical happenings in the most magical of seasons. Learn how winter magic saves a poor family from starvation, and a talking apple tree leads the way to buried treasure. Children’s songs, such as ‘the Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Five Little Snowmen’ come alive with puppets and movement.

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